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Each 3WAC Badge is linked to an Authenticated Report Page

This page verifies all your credentials that your online client requires.

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How does a 3WAC Badge work?

A Badge is linked to a 3WAC website page with a shortlist of information from your website and business. Some information is supplied by you, the 3WAC Verified Client and some information is searched by 3WAC independently. No information will be displayed without a 3WAC Client's consent.

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Know your Online Trader

Modern technology makes the internet accessible for anyone to trade online, including fraudsters. To enhance the trust of visiting traders to your website you need to create belief. 3WAC is endorsed by PACMA - a legal organisation in South Africa. 3WAC has a sole purpose of building trust in online trade in South Africa and to prevent Cyber Crime.
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Bronze Badge

For personal websites.

Silver Badge

For small to medium enterprises.

Gold Badge

For large enterprises and online (eCommerce) websites.

Quick Scan

Now you can verify a badge by a single scan. Due to the fact that fraudulent websites do occur even a 3WAC badge can be fraudulently reproduced! To prevent this - 3WAC has included a QR Scan at the bottom of each verified Website. The QR Scan is situated at the bottom of your reviewed website. The Barcode will reveal the EXACT 3WAC number as shown on the Badge of verified website. e.g. The Barcode below will scan the following number 2-15-01-m-01 a verified 3WAC website. Enter this number into our search button to reveal the client. See below how to download your free scanner app on your phone. There is only ONE UNIQUE badge number per 3WAC Reviewed Website.


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If you want to find out more about a client or report a fraudulent website, notify 3WAC directly

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